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Why Your Vote Matters to Me and My Students

15% of my students live in homeless shelters; another 15% live in foster care. They are all students in a Head Start/Early Learn program that is jointly funded by Federal Head Start, the New York State Department of Education, the New York City Department of Education, and The Children’s Aid Society (a private non-profit).

Head Start eligibility requirements mean that all of my students live at or below the poverty line. Their parents/guardians/friends/family work hard to support them financially, emotionally, and economically, and/but they all rely on federal, state, and/or local public assistance. Many of them were not able to find spots for their children in Public School pre-school programs, and they cannot afford private school tuition.

This is why I voted today, and why you need to vote, too. Even if you believe that my students’ families should not be receiving support from our government, you cannot possibly believe that my students should not have access to quality education.

Why it can Strictly be Said That the People Govern in the United States:
In America the people appoint both those who make the laws and those who execute them; the people form the jury which punishes breaches of the law. The institutions are democratic not only in principle but also in all their developments; thus the people directly nominate their representatives and generally choose them annually so as to hold them more completely dependent.

—Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, Part II, Chapter 1.